Saturday, 21 September 2013

Pre-course reading

Use of abacus and mental calculation...


Use of digital technology

Is there a difference in the way children learn mathematics then and now? 

The content structure of learning mathematics have certainly evolved to meet the challenging and fast moving pace of today's society. Some of these mathematics core principles have existed for very long and was further enhanced to ensure that mathematics remain relevant today. 

The use of technology was introduced to our children (sadly even at very young age) due to the affluent of our society today. Nevertheless, there are still a large number of people in the society who believe in experiential learning for our young children. 

Both hand- on and digital learning can come in tandem in supporting our children's learning towards mathematics. It is not us who defines what mathematics is all about but more importantly to incalcate the love for mathematics. 

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As educators, we should strive to ensure that we

have a rich knowledge of mathematics
stay persistent
arm oneself with positive attitude
be ready for changes 
make time to be self- conscious and reflective

so that we can continue to provide opportunities for learning and scaffolding the children to learn new content of mathematics in multiple approaches. 


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